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My husband and I assist families, businessmen, singles and young couples offering a 360 degree service tailored to  specific needs for a safe, risk-free relocation. 



Hi, my name is Ananda

This morning I went to the airport to drop my thirteen year old daughter into her flight headed for Milan, via Madrid. It was about 7am and surprisingly there was already a very long kilometric line ahead of us of people waiting to check-in!

In that hour of waiting to reach the head counter, I met a pleasent passenger from Salvador ready to get back home in California. It was the first time, he explained, that he set foot in Malaga and literally fell in love with this beautiful coastal area in the south of spain. He concluded that when he would retire, in a few years’ time, he would make of Malaga, his home. Curious to understand what the main reasons for his choice were, I asked him to let me know more. By that time, we had reached a point a bit closer to the check-in counter but not that close to interrupt our conversation.

He explicitly brought out the fact that Malaga is a  much cheaper city to live in compared to California with a very comfortable climate, good food, simple and warm people with happy faces on the streets. Visiting Malaga gave him a sensation of living a dream, he insisted.

While listening to him intently, I found myself back in 2014 when I first visited Malaga. I could resonate with his words so much so that I re-lived very similar emotions. We spoke about the education system when he asked my daughter which grade was she entering into the coming fall, about the importance of the security we enjoy in Malaga , leaving us parents the tranquility to bring up our children in a safe and secure environment. I thought to myself; unlike in my birth place, Milan back in Italy I had definetely found my quite little paradise here in Malaga!

It was time for our check-in, I bid goodbye to this gentleman thanking him for our lovely conversation and his personal insights, off we went our seperate ways. 

As much as this short and quite mundane event might seem to you, I looked up to the skies in my minds’ eye and thanked the universe for my blessings. I was left significantly replete with gratitude for the wonderful life this beautiful country offers me.

We will be happy to hear from you and assist you wherever required.

If you’re still reading me, then you might too find yourself in a place where you welcome some curious thoughts about peeping through the window of your home, elsewhere, maybe Malaga could be a choice! And guess what; you can get all the assistence you might need to get your paper work completed, choose to rent a place or even invest in a house, who knows? My husband and I assist families, businessmen, singles and young couples offering a 360 degree service tailored to  specific needs for a safe, risk-free relocation. Be it Malaga Capital, further down south till Cadice, Sevilla or Huelva in Andalusia, you name it, we can help!



Contact us at the following references without obligation and request a personalised consultation. We will explain how to conduct a counselling session with us and at what price.



+34 – 626736794 (Alberto Cozzi)
+34 – 625700360 (Ananda Craxi)

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